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5 Factors Affecting the Dry-Van Freight Rate

Dry van shipping is a popular local, cross-country, and international shipping method among businesses that handle high volumes of goods. Many companies rely on this type of transportation because it is affordable and offers several benefits that cannot be found in other modes of freight transportation. Around $120 billion worth of dry van shipments are transported across the United States every year.

Dry van shipping rates vary wildly throughout the year. By learning about dry van shipping rate trends, you can save yourself some major costs. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a comprehensive guide detailing the five main factors that influence dry van rates.

Delivery location & distance:

The trucking lane is the specific route that a driver takes from the origin point to the destination point of the shipment. The lane used to move shipments can affect rates highly: shipments moving on an established lane between developed cities are cheaper than shipments moving in and out of a rural area.

Supply & demand:

Truck-to-load ratio is a simple term that can affect the freight rate in several ways:

A Higher Truck-to-load ratio indicates that there are many trucks to deliver the load. Hence, the rate drops, whereas a Lower Truck-to-load ratio indicates fewer trucks to deliver the available load; therefore, the rate increases!

Fuel costs:

Fuel costs and fees can vary by region and state, which means you have a lot to plan for, depending on your route. You’ll need to account for surcharges and taxes when calculating your company’s fuel costs. This can cause significant changes in dry van rates, especially if you have freight that crosses state lines. Knowing about fuel surcharges allows you to plan for them in advance.

Natural Disaster:

Disastrous events such as floods and tornadoes can bring trucking to a standstill in areas less prepared for inclement weather. It’s important for drivers to be aware of the types of extreme weather that can cause dry van rates to spike in your area, so you don’t suffer losses due to uncontrollable circumstances.

Choosing the right dispatching partner:

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